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Fatigue characteristics of weld heat affected zone in high tensile strength steels, treated with a synthetci apparatus for weld thermal cycles (Report 2)

Journal of the Japan Welding Society, 37(9): 992-996, 1968
Jyunjiro Muraki and Takayoshi Ishiguro and Hikojiro Yokota
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Weld cracking and their prevention. 4. Weld cold cracking.

Journal of the Japan Welding Society, 57(8): 551-555, 1988
Takao Araki

Weld Pool Weld Width Prediction Based on Artificial Neural Network

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 462-463: 171-174, 2013
Xiao Gang Liu and Le Ting Liu
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Computerized radiographic weld penetration control with feedback on weld pool depression

NDT & E International, 29(3): 188, 1996
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Weld Magnification Factor Approach in Cruciform Joints Considering Post Welding Cooling Medium and Weld Size

{journal}, 2017
Oscar Araque and Nelson Arzola
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